Owners Badges

Requesting Owners Badges takes no time at all

Owners Badges

Going Racing with your racehorse

There is no need to phone a premium telephone line or send endless emails trying to get Owners Badges - the Racehorse Manager quickly and effectively manages your requests for Owners Badges.

As soon as an entry has been made for your racehorse you may apply for free or discounted Owners Badges. These badges are your VIP entrance to the racecourse, where you will have access to areas of the course reserved for racehorse owners only. The Racehorse Manager handles all requests and keeps you up to date with what the status of the race is, and whether you have been allocated your Owners Badges. A simple click on the 'Book Badge' button alongside the entry will make your application.

victory You can also cancel your badge request at any point up to the day of the race. Once your trainer has made the declaration to run, and the horse has been confirmed a runner, we allocate the badges and send a full set of instructions to shareholders.

The badges are always allocated one or two days ahead of the race, to allow shareholders plenty of time to organise their trip to the racecourse. You will be sent an email with your allocation information, which includes the name of our representative at the track, where to meet them (if you wish to do so) and also any extra info about the meeting or special parking, or owner benefits available, such as free or discounted food or access to a private viewing box.

Where possible we provide an extra Owners Badge so that shareholders can be accompanied. All of this is handled seamlessly by our online software. You simply need to arrive at the racecourse in good time for the meeting and enjoy your day!