Jimmys Sister 2020

A lovely big mare who may Point, hurdle & chase from October/November 2019

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Racehorse Profile

This half-sister to our own very consistent and successful chaser Little Jimmy is all set to have an interesting and varied season through the winter of 2019-2020.

This mare was on our radar for three years before we bought her - when we discovered that our top winning chaser Little Jimmy had this half sister. The mare has only had two offspring, and once we knew she could become available, we and the trainer Tom Gretton planned to keep tabs on her development and secure her before reaching the sales ring. We went to see her at the breeders at the end of Spring 2017 and were suitably pleased with her to buy her.

This mare has plenty about her - she is a very decent size, (bigger than Jimmy was at this stage of his life), and she is conformed nicely. Obviously she is closely related to a very decent chaser, but her sire Denounce is an interesting mating. This sire has only had a few mares go to him, but he has had considerable success with a good number of them at distances up to a mile and a half on the flat. Denounce himself showed ability on his three starts for Juddmonte before injury ruled him out of further races.

Jimmy's Sister had one run in 2018 over hurdles, which was just to give her a bit of experience and since then she suffered a string of little niggles which kept her off a racecourse during 2018-19, however this mare will be having a mixed season this winter which may suit some shareholders.

Not only will she be going racing under rules (National Hunt), we expect in the pre-season and early part of the season she will go Pointing. This will give shareholders the ability to follow the horse on both the Points and NH circuits. this is why we have provided her at a radically discounted rate for the season. We anticipate she will race 3-5 times, and a couple of these will be Point to Point runs. We will cover the Points runs in detail and of course shareholders may go racing when she does at these meets.

Tommy told us 'Last season was a blow out because she was growing all the time and she got a string of little things which just kept her off the track. It was just one of those seasons where nothing went right for her. However, we gave her a proper rest from February and she's shaken all those niggles off now.'

She is bred to need two and a half miles at least so she will probably contest Maiden hurdles over at least two and a half miles to gain experience. Prospective shareholders must understand that this mare is a nice type, but may only race a handful of times. However, once she gets going we expect her to be robust (her half-brother has just been retired after his seventh winter season!). This season will all be about about gaining experience and finding out just how good she is going to be - which should be interesting.

Tom believes the mare will race between 3-6 times, but she will certainly not be campaigned too rigorously if she tells her trainer she isn't handling it. She is a long term prospect and will be treated as such. That's not to say she cannot run, win and do so more than a few times, but we want to be clear with prospective shareholders that they should treat their involvement with the mare as higher risk that say, a dyed in the wool handicapper.

She is a bay coloured mare based in Inkberrow, close to Worcester. She has already indicated that she will revel in heavy or very soft going, so we are hopeful to see her racing over hurdles or chase fences in the depths of winter.

Tommy Gretton, her trainer stated "This mare is really decent size. She moves well, and has a similar temperament to Little Jimmy. She is still learning, which is why we may head to Points at first, but I'm really looking forward to it, as she is a proper National Hunt horse and I wouldn't have been as patient with her if I didn't think she was worth it!"

Tom added "On his day Jimmy was a really good horse, and will be competitive in pretty much any chase race. If she has that same attitude in her races, and gains some of the speed from her sire we will have a good time with her this winter. I want to make it clear that we will not be over-racing her though - she may only run a few times this first season. We will see how it goes, but I do expect her forte will be chasing, just like her brother."

Jimmy's Sister is already well into her build-up for this winter and she will continue to be schooled over hurdles culminating in her opening run of the 2019-20 season sometime in October or November. The plan is to go into Maiden hurdle races and let her grow in confidence, then to Points. If she proves to be robust, then she may well even jump a chase fence under rules in late winter 2020.

Form & Race Plans

The race plan for the this mare is very flexible - she may go pointing, and will almost certainly head into hurdles and perhaps even chase races during the winter season. We need to educate this big, strapping mare and she may have one or even two Pointing outings to being her along.

Tommy Gretton stated "I think this mare will really benefit from not have a set path this season. If she needs the experience I think we should send her Pointing for a month or two. However, once her fast work starts in late summer we will re-evaluate her and we could change the targets, but I am assuming she will be like her brother and need the experience of her first couple of runs before she starts to show her true potential. I would expect to race her around the Midlands, only travelling further afield if we are desperate for some decent ground or there is a really good target for her."

Her brother does like some juice in the ground, and she is exactly the same, so we are less likely to see Jimmy's Sister out on very firm ground.  She will no doubt need 4-5 weeks between runs, especially her opening couple of races.

Jimmys Sister 2020 Guarantee

Whilst we hope to get 3-6 runs from all our National Hunt horses per share period, you should expect periods of recuperation from injury or training setbacks.  The number of races she runs will depend entirely on how she copes with full training and racing. This mare may well run in Point to Points, which will count against her run tally for the season.

This share period runs for the 2019-20 winter jumps season, until May 1st 2020. During that time the horse may be rested or have time away from the track to recover and it is quite normal for a jumps horse to have periods of 3-6 weeks rest between races.  Jumpers tend to run less frequently than flat horses, due to the rigours of the National Hunt season.

However, we provide the following guarantee: Should this mare suffer a season ending injury which prevents her from not running AT LEAST ONCE during this share period, we will transfer shareholders to another, similar racehorse of our choosing, for the remainder of the winter season.

Owners Badges are always distributed fairly, but for any major handicap races the horse runs in, badges will be allocated on a ballot basis for this horse so that all shareholders have the same chance of receiving a free or discounted badge. You must expect that on some occasions we will be unable to provide free or discounted Owners Badges  to every shareholder who wants them. However, we will always attempt to get access to the paddock for every shareholder at the meeting, even if they have not been allocated an owners badge. 

As a shareholder you must understand that we cannot guarantee your horses performance, a specific volume of runs (beyond our minimum guarantee) or that runs will be evenly spaced throughout the share period.  This is the chance you take when owning any racehorse and participating in this ownership experience.  If you will be disappointed with only 1-2 runs from your racehorse during the season, then please DO NOT PARTICIPATE IN THIS OR ANY OTHER RACEHORSE, as you could be disappointed.  We believe in being crystal clear with our shareholders - any participation in racehorse ownership is a risk, and we are unable to make any refunds because of share periods which finish early due to injury or retirement - as training and livery fees for the horse still remain whether they are racing or not.  This is the chance all shareholders take, as we do ourselves, when participating in the ownership of a racehorse.