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    Come to Malton and 'drop-in' on Ollie Pears and our 2YO's    
Drop in day: 9-30am to 3-00pm on Tuesday 12th November 2013
Can't make this date? Tell us, we may have another one for you


Do you fancy enjoying 40 minutes to an hour in the company of racehorses and their trainer?  Well here's your chance - register below and we'll get the coffee on!

Mawatheeq Filly, currently being broken at Ollie Pears yard.

Drop In day at Ollie Pears yard

Ownaracehorse have five horses at Ollie Pears' yard, with the latest addition of three youngsters who will be racing as 2YO's in 2014.  We thought it would be great for anyone interested in racing, and possibly contemplating getting involved with a 2YO to actually meet them before they even got broken...

So on Tuesday November 12th their trainer Ollie Pears and ourselves at Ownaracehorse will be inviting anyone who is interested, whether you are a shareholder or not, to simply turn up at the yard and be introduced to the horses, Ollie and ourselves.  There will be free tea and coffee - and we may even stretch to flapjack and parkin!

Seriously, it should be an enjoyable day.  There will be no 'hard sell' - it will be informal and relaxed - simply a chance for people new to the sport to see a working yard and some wonderful racehorses.  We love syndicating our horses and Ollie is a young trainer who we expect to be up there at the top of the trainers table in years to come, so this is an easy and excessible way for people to see the yard first hand and meet everyone.

Malton is a bustling market town and of course Whitby, Bridlington and Scarborough are only a few miles away, and York is a matter of minutes by car, so why not make a day of it?

Details for the Drop-In day

The yard will be open from 9-30am through to 3-00pm, on Tuesday November 12th you can arrive whenever you wish and you are more than welcome to stay as long or as little as you want - there will be free hot drinks and nibbles. As well as our three new yearlings, there will be other horses available to view and get to know, including Cool Reception, Shamrocked and the stable star No Leaf Clover.

You don't need to, but it would really help us cater for the right numbers if you registered below if you are thinking of coming.  If you decide not to come on the day, that's fine, but if there is really bad weather expected, we will communicate with those registered to confirm the day is still on.   Can't make this date? Tell us, we may have another one for you


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*We will use the information you provide to email you with a reminder a few days before which will include full travel information to locate the yard and a confirmation that the drop-in day is definitely on, should bad weather be forecast.


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