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  Trainer: Ollie Pears  
  Share Status: Pending Start  
  Share Period Starts: 02/04/2018  
  Share/Season End Date: 01/11/2018  
  Managed By: Ownaracehorse  
  Pays Prizemoney: Yes  
  Owners Badges Available: Yes  
  Yard Visits: Yes  
  Registered Owner: Ownaracehorse  
  Multiple Runs Expected: Yes  
  Cost Per Share £149.00  
  Shares Available to Buy: 16  
  Shares Sold to Date: 84  
  Min Shares to Claim Prizemoney: 1  
  Shares Required for 'Private Service': 24  
  Share Percent (one share equals): 0.3%  

This gelding has to be one of the most fun horses we have ever owned and is a big favourite. Trained by Ollie Pears in Malton, we have had some really great times at the track with 'Rory' in the last few years.  He is a well proportioned sprinter, is powerful and a very robust gelding who takes his racing in his stride. He tends to race 7-10 times per season, last summer WINNING TWICE and being placed a further FIVE times!  He started his winter campaign with a WIN at 20/1. This sprinter is a well confirmed, extremely enthusiastic racehorse who loves to compete and always puts in 100%. This handsome little gelding will have a full summer season - starting in April and going right through to the end of the turf in November 2018.  He's a good-looking, lovely natured gelding suitable for any racing enthusiast and he is always great value for money. He will run regularly around tracks like Beverley, Thirsk, Catterick, Newcastle and Southwell during this share period.  Please note that only ONE share (0.3%) is required to qualify for prizemoney in this smashing gelding this summer.

      Shares:       Total: £    
  £149.00 per 0.3% share   Buy with a Welcome Pack
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  You require 1 share(s) in this racehorse to qualify for prizemoney.  Buying multiple shares in a horse provides a bigger share of any prizemoney and gives you priority for free raceday Owners Badges.  


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