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    Racing Welfare and Ownaracehorse share promotion    

Promotion aims and funding
This promotion aims to raise over 1,000 for the charity Racing Welfare during March, April and May 2011 and help Racing Welfare raise awareness of their Racing Lottery. It will cost shareholders nothing - all donations are made on shareholders behalf by Ownaracehorse Ltd.

For every gift pack, private service share and additional share bought during the period March 11th through to May 31st, Ownaracehorse Ltd will provide a percentage of each sale to Racing Welfare:

 - 2% of Gift Packs and all new shares
 - 5% of any additional shares bought through the Racehorse Manager
 - 1% of any Private Service shares

The chance to win extra prizemoney!
The donations to Racing Welfare will be made into their new Racing Lottery. The lottery provides a prize of 1,000 every week.  If any of the Ownaracehorse lines win a cash prize, the money will be totalled on June 1st and then divided equally between those shareholders who have bought shares during the promotion period.

Every lottery number and all cash prizes will be published within your Racehorse Manager and the prize will be added to shareholders prizemoney payments in the first week of June, which can be claimed at the end of the flat season (November 1st). Winning numbers are also published weekly on the Racing Lottery website.

Ownaracehorse will purchase the lottery lines on a fortnightly basis, after the percentage payments have been verified.  Lines will be purchased in 13 week periods, up to the value of the donation.

Exclusions and Exceptions
Any discounted shares, shares bought on special offer or using discount codes/coupons will not qualify for this promotion. Voucher redemptions do not qualify, but original gift pack purchase are included in this promotion, if made within the promotion period.

For tax purposes, the percentage payments will be made based on the base price of the shares, before VAT.

The Racing Lottery has terms and conditions to which we must adhere. Lottery lines are bought via the internet and not by Direct Debit, so we are exempt from certain experience prizes.  Please see the Racing Lottery website for further details.

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