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    Gift Packs for Christmas - its not too early to sort out a share or a voucher for that 'difficult to buy for' person!    
    DATE POSTED: 12/10/2014    
    It's a perennial headache - what on earth do you buy for that important person in your life who has enough hankies, socks, watches and jumpers?  Be different this Christmas and give a gift which lasts months and could create a big reaction from them on December 25th...

October may seem a little early to be thinking about Christmas, but the opportunity to be a little different in your gift choices only comes along every now and again - and buying a Gift Pack for the 2015 racing season can be done now at Ownaracehorse.

Our gift packs allow your recipient to go racing as an Owner - to cheer their racehorse on...

Don't worry if you know nothing about horseracing - we can help guide your decision as to which horse or voucher you should go for.  If you like the look of a particular racehorse - of how good it may be, where is should race (or even its name!) and fancy giving it, you can buy a share as a Gift - just click on the option which says 'buy as Gift Pack' when you go to purchase.

Alternatively, you can buy one of our very popular Gift Vouchers - which still come with a Gift Pack, but allow your recipient to choose a horse from any of those available on our website.  Our most popular pack is the 'Premium' 200 voucher which costs 199 and includes all postage and packing and the gift pack for free.

The packs are personalised and come complete with everything the recipient needs to choose his/her racehorse, or login to the Racehorse Manager and start getting all our race news, horse news, entry and declaration alerts as well as text messages.

All our Gift Packs are sent out first class in plain board-backed envelopes, so there is no way that your recipient could pick it up and know what was inside.  We also send them out within 2 working days of your order - so your gift will be with you quickly.

View the gift options now

One of the most asked questions we get from people buying gifts is 'Is this for real?  Are you really giving us a share in a racehorse for a season for a one-off payment?  Well, we have been syndicating racehorses for over ten years now - and the core of our business is to provide special gifts for people who would otherwise never get to experience what its like to own a racehorse.  So YES! we are for real, you only pay the one-off price and we work hard all year long to ensure our shareholders get a great ownership experience with every racehorse we syndicate.. 

Why not get organised early this year - and also shock your family with a gift which provides entertainment both at home, at the racecourse and at your trainers yard?

Not ready to buy just yet?  Why not sign up for our free monthly Newsletter - and keep in touch with us that way - you can unsubscribe whenever you wish.   

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