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    More racehorses for 2014 are on their way...    
    DATE POSTED: 31/08/2014    
    We already have eight racehorses for 2014 available on the Ownaracehorse website, and with the sales season started and the current flat season finishing in a couple of months, we are well on the way to adding more horses for next year!  

August, September and October are those months where we are at our busiest, as decisions have to be made on the current group of horses we have in training, and we also have to look for new blood as well.

This year we have already added a couple of new faces for the winter season, and we are hopeful of finalising another four to five horses for next summer in the coming weeks.

Not only are we looking at adding up to five brand new horses, but there could well be a brand new trainer for shareholders to consider - based in the South of the country! We currently have four trainers up and down the country, but we are considering adding another one to strengthen our Southern base.

Our un-raced Byron Colt - 5% shares are available now for next season.

As well as a few new older horses, we will of course be adding brand new, untried horses for shareholders to consider.

Of course we will be retaining the favourites, but next season could well see our biggest group of horses in training since 2009, when we have over 20 horses in training.

Shares will, as always, be kept really affordable - some at under 100 for a whole season's worth of action, and if you like your racing, or have a friend or family member who likes to follow the horses, there isn't a better way to be introduced to racehorse ownership than through Ownaracehorse.

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