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    Racehorse Ownership Gift Packs - a very different gift    
    DATE: 27/04/2011    
    When we launched over seven years ago, it was the first thing we ever sold, and our Gift Packs went on to become our best seller.

They are still our best seller - and now they are even greater value, as we have thrown in FREE POSTAGE & PACKING for all Gift Packs with a anything more than a basic voucher value.

When you give one of our Gift Vouchers, your recipient has over six months in order to choose which racehorse they want to become involved. And if they need an extension to this, we're more than happy to accommodate them - all they need to do is give us a quick call. 

This means that even if the current season is reaching its conclusion, they may wait to use their voucher for the next racing season.  Our Gift Vouchers start at only 99.00, and if you don't want to give a voucher - why not choose a horse and then add a Gift Pack to your purchase?

Because we run each of our racehorses according to their own individual seasons, there are new racehorses being added to the website virtually every month - so there is always a new racehorse to whet your appetite, just around the corner.  We are also one of the only syndicate companies who will replace a horse if it becomes injured or unable to race for some reason during its share period - assuming its only run a couple of times. 

So if you're considering a gift for someone who deserves something a little out of the ordinary, then a share in a racehorse with Ownaracehorse will certainly fit the bill!

If you need any help choosing a gift pack or want to know more about our service, don't hesitate to contact us.

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