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    Ownaracehorse launches special Tesco Clubcard Deals    
    DATE POSTED: 25/10/2011    
    Just in time for Christmas, we have got together with Tesco Clubcard to offer some very special ownership deals which are available to purchase through the Tesco Deals programme...

As the recession bites and inflation goes crazy, its nice to know that the little luxuries in life can still be enjoyed!  You can now participate in racehorse ownership simply by collecting reward points at your local supermarket!

We have created a couple of very special ownership deals which are available to purchase with TESCO CLUBCARD TOKENS.  Each deal includes a minimum of two racehorses, which should ensure plenty of action through the 2012 season.

These deals are great for Christmas presents for that 'difficult to buy for' person - and because they include multiple racehorses you can give the gift of a 'string' of racehorses to your loved one!  What's even better is that its a gift which is bought simply by shopping at one of the leading supermarket chains...

These deals are strictly limited, and have their own set of terms - which has allowed us to really make this ownership really affordable - and providing huge value.  You or your gift recipient will get to visit your trainer and apply for free or discounted badges to go racing, and of course you get full access to all the news and information regarding your racehorse as it goes through its racing season.

We expect these deals to be very popular, and it's first come first served, so take a look at the deals now and register for a deal as soon as possible.

Ownaracehorse/Tesco Clubcard Deals now available
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