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    Ownaracehorse soon to celebrate its 800th runner    
    DATE POSTED: 25/02/2011    
    With an average of over 140 runners a year, after six years of providing Racehorse Ownership shares and racing experiences, Ownaracehorse has now reached its next big landmark - our eight-hundredth runner!

During the last six years we have syndicated every type of racehorse, from un-raced two-year-olds and bumper horses through experienced handicappers, right up to racehorses running in Listed company.

We've also had our successes - in fact 62 individual winners, along with 85 2nd's and 78 3rd's - so we'll be hoping that our 800th runner will add to that total!  That's 225 of our horses finishing in the first three - over 25% of our runs finish placed - which goes to show that our racehorses are always competitive.

At the moment, we believe that either Petrus de Sormain or Cherrycake will be our 800th runner.  Both horses are due to get entries in the next few days.

Of course the biggest thank you goes to our trainers and our shareholders - the former provides us with decent, competitive racehorses who provide plenty of thrills on the racecourse, and the latter have supported us and our racehorses through thick and thin over the last six years.

What's the chance of the 800th runner being a winner?  Well, once we know which horse and race that will be, we'll let let you know! 

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