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    Christmas racehorse ownership gift packs a popular option    
    DATE POSTED: 23/11/2011    
    Owning a share in a racehorse has never been more popular.  And with Ownaracehorse you have the best of both worlds - you can choose a specific racehorse, or simply purchase a voucher which allows your recipient to choose their own four-legged friend for 2012...

We've been providing gifts of a share in a racehorse to thousands of racing enthusiasts every year since 2004.  And after seven years we're still providing great value and racing entertainment.

Ownaracehorse was set up in 2004, when the options for owning a racehorse were pretty limited if you were on a budget.  You really had to settle for being part of a racing club and being one out of thousands involved in a group of horses.  However, Ownaracehorse changed all that by coming up with a way for people to get their own specific share in a racehorse for a season - and not having thousands of people involved.

On average we have between 40 and 80 people involved in each racehorse we syndicate - which may still sound a lot, but remember that you only pay a one-off fee for your share, and because of our novel way of managing and servicing our shareholders we manage to provide virtually every shareholder with the chance to go racing as an Owner with free or discounted Owners Badges at some point during their season of ownership.  And don't forget - we pay out the prizemoney from your horse in direct relation to the share you own - which is not the case with racing clubs!

Of course the other important factor is the ability of the racehorses we provide.  Like any syndicate, we have our successes and our failures, but we've managed to pay out over 300,000 in prizemoney over the last eight years to shareholders, and we've also had over 80 individual winners.  If you choose the right horse you'll have the thrill of owning a winner - if not, you still get a season of ownership and the experience of having been an owner.

We're very proud of the way we manage our shareholders as well - we have a 'Racehorse Manager' system which is internet based and provides shareholders with updates which are easy to access and written by professional horsemen.  That's as well as video, photo's and many other features.

If you're still not sure, then call our Helpdesk on 01924 4890134 - we're more than happy to help you choose the right Gift option, or the right horse for you or your recipient. There will be no hard sell - we're a small, successful company who just loves doing what we do! 

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