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    Tesco Boost Tokens can now make you an owner of any racehorse on the Ownaracehorse website    
    DATE POSTED: 21/02/2014    
    If you shop at Tesco and collect their points on your loyalty or credit card, you can now swap your vouchers for ANY racehorse on the Ownaracehorse website...

Ownaracehorse has been enabling shareholders to purchase their shares with Tesco Clubcard for some time now - but we have just altered our scheme so that you can now swap your Tesco Boost Tokens for a large range of Ownaracehorse Voucher values.

The Tesco Boost scheme allows you to convert Tesco vouchers into Boost Tokens at a rate of 1 voucher equals 3 Boost Tokens - and then you can use the Boost Tokens to purchase Ownaracehorse Vouchers.  Then simply choose whatever racehorse you desire using your Ownaracehorse Voucher!   
  We have some very interesting racehorses available for the 2014 turf season, which will soon be upon us.

This includes two un-raced 2YO's as well as a turf horse which is entered for the William Hill Lincoln!

Where else could you own a share in a runner in the Lincoln because you have shopped at Tesco!
Dad's Girl - looking like an early sort.    

We are hoping that the new scheme will prove to be very popular with both new and established shareholders, as it will be far more straightforward to convert your Tokens into racehorses.

As well as buying Ownaracehorse Vouchers for yourself, you may also purchase the vouchers as a Gift.  For an extra 12 in Boost Tokens you can make the gift of one of our Ownaracehorse vouchers to family and friends.

Find out how to use your Tesco Boost Tokens for racehorse shares
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