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    Spring reductions    
    DATE POSTED: 20/05/2013    
    With the turf season underway, the prices of some of our shares have had their monthly adjustments made to them, and that makes them even greater value for money...

Share Price adjustments

This month we have made price adjustments to three of our horses in training for the current turf season.  Copper Leyf, Street Power and Faye Belle are all down in price, making a share in any of them even better value.  All three of them are expected to race in the next fortnight or so.

Faye Belle is down to only 169.00 a share, Street Power goes to 149.00 a share and  Copper Leyf is great value at 79.00 a share - all three horses are actively racing and have share periods which last right up to the end of the turf season in November.
Street Power - now even better value for money

Use the links below this news item to view their detailed profiles.

Faye Belle
Street Power
Copper Leyf
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