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    Why not be a part of a 2YO in 2014?    
    DATE POSTED: 18/07/2013    
    Ownaracehorse run friendly, open syndicates on behalf of its shareholders and we pride ourselves in providing the best in up-to-date information on your racehorse throughout the season...

It is that time of the year once again - the yearling sales start in only a few weeks time, and so we will soon be scouring the sales books for our 2YO's for next season.   
  This year we have two youngsters running for us - Faye Belle who looks like a promising sort and who has been improving with every run, and Cool Reception, who has yet to race so far, but has been getting us excited up the gallops at Malton.

In 2014 we will once again have at least two unraced horses available for shareholders to become involved in, so we have already released our '2014 Prospectus', complete with a full description of what you can expect, plus prices. 

Owning a young horse which hasn't run before can be both exciting and consuming, and we allow our shareholders to become involved in all aspects of their purchase and training - with visits to the sales and the pre-training and trainers yards.

Shares are available from 2.5% and up, but need to be booked in advance as they sell out very quickly.

Download your free 2014 2YO Prospectus now



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