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    Why take a share in a yearling now which won't be racing until next Spring?    
    DATE POSTED: 15/10/2012    
    Owning a share in a racehorse isn't just about the day at the races, or the inside information, or the visits to a trainers yard.  Sometimes, a share in a racehorse can provide a far more insightful experience...

Our 2YO's for 2013 are proving to be very popular, with two very well bred individuals already available for next year, and at least one further horse likely to be added to our roster in the coming weeks.

But what is the point of buying a share in them now? Surely they won't be racing until May 2013 at the earliest, and that is over six months away...

There are actually good reasons for getting involved in a 2YO - especially at this time of year. 

Whilst you would imagine there is very little going on with a yearling at this point, in fact, their lives are a whirlwind of change and development.

For example, since bringing two horses home from the sales at Doncaster over three weeks ago, we have already held a shareholders visit to the pre-training yard (pictured above) to catch up with the youngsters, and discover where they are up to. (see link below for more information about our yard visit)

In that short space of time, both filly's have been walked, lunged and loose schooled on a daily basis.  Both are learning what it takes to be a racehorse and at different rates, coping with a new regime which will continue to change and become increasingly demanding up to the point where they go off to join their trainers.

In the last week, our Royal Applause filly, who had been expected to be the late developer of the two, suddenly made giant leaps forward and was the first to be backed and ridden away.  She allowed a member of the pre-training staff to firstly lie over her, and then take the full weight with someone on her.  Being 'backed' means that her education can now be taken to a new level very quickly, as it means that road work and some gentle cantering can be undertaken - which in turn will tell us more about the filly's attitude and potential ability.

At every new stage of the yearlings development, we report, not just in words, but also with photos and video whenever we are able to provide them.  This means that as a shareholder you are following a youngster like this filly from the sales room right the way through all of it's education and up to its opening race - and then there is the racing career to enjoy.

You may well ask yourself, what's the point in following a horse like this through the winter, when it won't be racing?  Well, to view a racehorse's career just in terms of runs on the track, is to have not owned the horse.  When you know all the details of a horse's build up to racing, those first steps onto a gallop, and it's progress from stalls training through to fast work - it's setbacks, disappointments, breakthroughs and successes, then that is what sets owners apart from ordinary race-goers.

So if you are considering a youngster for next season, then we would recommend getting involved with them sooner rather than later.  We are already reporting regularly on both of our new horses, and will continue to do so for the next six months before the flat season starts.  We will also have further visits to the pre-training yard, hopefully in the New Year, and also to the trainers yards in Spring.

The other key fact for shareholders considering an involvement in the Lucky Story or Royal Applause filly's - the cost of the shares in the yearlings will only go up from this point onwards.  So waiting until next March won't benefit you in any way.  In fact, if any of them shows exceptional ability on the gallops in Spring, they will probably sell out very quickly, so get involved now and enjoy the build up over the winter!

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