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    We're already adding new horses and new trainers to our racing team in the pursuit of quality for the 2012 season    
    DATE POSTED: 14/09/2011    
    The first stage of our plans for 2012 came together when we purchased a rather nice Clodovil Colt at the premier yearling sales at Doncaster, but that's only the start...

September and October is the time of the year where you will notice big changes on the Ownaracehorse website, as we make decisions on the team of horses we are going to enter the next season with.

And this year is no different - in fact we will be making some far-reaching changes to our team for next year.

it can hardly have escaped the notice of anyone that we are in a tough economic climate - and when you then add to that the problems the sport of racing has in terms of the reduction in quality races and prizemoney, it can come as no surprise that as one of the leading small-share syndicates, we have to move with the times.

In 2012 we will have a total of 12 syndicates. However, we will be refreshing our horses, so that a total of at least eight of those will be horses which are brand new to Ownaracehorse.  You will notice that we are also providing syndicates in unraced 2YO's for the first time for three years - this is a big shift for us, as we have favoured the older, 'tried and tested' type of horses in the past - however this move is in direct response to feedback from shareholders who signalled an appetite for younger, arguably more exciting and risky individuals.

Our primary objective for 2012 is to only recruit quality to our team of horses, so you will notice that we will only be adding young or proven 70+ rated flat horses to our website.  Obviously this means a big investment - there are no other small-share syndicates offering this quality of racehorses to shareholders.

We will also be refreshing the training talent across Ownaracehorse.  We have already placed a significant number of racehorses with Derek Shaw in Leicestershire, and we will be adding to our Southern team significantly for 2012.  Expect to see a new trainer based in the South announced in the coming months.

As the 2011 flat season draws to a close over the next month or so, we'd like to thank all our current shareholders for being a part of Ownaracehorse and our racehorses during the last year. We're now looking forward to the last few months of 2011 on the All-Weather and over Jumps, and what will be an exciting year (hopefully filled with success) in 2012.

Clodovil Colt for 2012
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