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    Ownaracehorse announces Racing Welfare promotion    
    DATE POSTED: 11/03/2011    
    Ownaracehorse has in the past given charitable payments to many racing charities, including The Injured Jockeys Fund, The Retraining of Racehorses and Racehorse Rehabilitation.  These donations have totalled over £2,500.

However, we will embark on our biggest charitable project to date on March 21st, when we partner with Racing Welfare, with the aim of raising £1,000 within three months.

  >  Racing Welfare receive up to 5% of share sales during the promotional period
  >  The promotion costs Ownaracehorse shareholders nothing extra
  >  Participating shareholders may win up to £1,000 per week

Racing Welfare supports the grass roots staff in the racing industry, and the charity provides an invaluable source of support and advice for people who are often young, inexperienced and sometimes vulnerable.  We have had first-hand experience of the charity's work with a number of stable lads and lasses, which has always been excellent, and certainly worth supporting.  These people often get overlooked by racing, but are an essential component - and most likely are the jockeys, trainers or stud managers of the future. 

For every additional racehorse share sold including new shares, gift packs and additional shares for the 2011 flat season Ownaracehorse will contribute up to 5% of the value to Racing Welfare via their brand new Racing Lottery.  The promotion will run from March 14th through to May 31st 2011.

However, shareholders purchasing those extra shares will also benefit from a chance to win £1,000!  In order to help Racing Welfare's new fundraising, we will be using the donations to purchase Racing Lottery lines for our shareholders.  If one of these lines comes up in their weekly draw, all the participating shareholders will get their share of the lottery win!

Richard Negus, Fundraising and Communications Executive for Racing Welfare stated:

“Racing Welfare is extremely grateful to Ownaracehorse for its generous support. The lads and lasses who work in racing stables are all too often the forgotten people in our wonderful sport. Racing Welfare is the only Charity that helps racing’s backbone in times of need, and without the financial support such as that shown by Ownaracehorse we cannot continue to help the 17,000 people who really make your day at the races. Thank you on behalf of Racing Welfare and British stable and stud staff.”

We have already made our most recent prizemoney donation to Racing Welfare, but we hope to provide the charity with a far bigger contribution with the help of Ownaracehorse Shareholders.

And who knows, we may be lucky enough to win one of the weekly prizes and give shareholders a boost to their prizemoney for this season!

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