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    Final price reductions on our winter 2012 racehorses - The 49 deal on three winter shares.    
    DATE POSTED: 11/01/2012    
    We have just made our final reductions for the last remaining shares available in our Winter 2012 racehorses.  We now have three racehorses with shares for only 49.00...

We run all of our syndicates in seasons (or 'share periods') - which relate to the period of time the racehorse in question will be racing.  Very few racehorses race all year long - most run in a specific season, between six and eight months long.

We are now in the middle of the winter 2012 seasons for our jumps and All-Weather racehorses - so with about three months left to run on most shares, we've made our final reductions.

So, if you fancy dipping your toe in the water to see what racehorse ownership is like, and how we manage our syndicates, why not test us out and have a few months of ownership at a knock-down price?

Shares in Classy Lass (already raced four times) and Shaw's Diamond (already raced five times this winter) are below half their original cost for the season.

Our winter hurdler Antoella (raced four times) is now 40% less than she was for the entire season.  She should be racing at Southwell next week.

All three racehorses are expected to be racing again in the last three weeks of January and right through to the end of their share periods in May. Entries are imminent for all three horses.

Our winter horses will be available at the reduced prices for only ONE week before being removed from the site to make way for more summer racehorses.  If you wish to take advantage of a cheap share, do so NOW - they will all be removed from our website on Friday January 20th unless they sell out before then.

For as little as 49 you can become an owner for the rest of the winter - why not try us out?

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