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    2YO's all developing nicely as the next three months are critical to their progress towards opening runs    
    DATE POSTED: 10/01/2012    
    Owning a racehorse can be as much about the anticipation of how your racehorse is going to perform as the actual race day itself.  And there is nothing like the anticipation of a young, un-raced horse with potential...

For 2012 we have added three un-raced yearlings (now 2YO's) to our stable of horses.  they are currently in pre-training and entering full training this month in preparation for their first season of racing in the spring and summer of 2012.

Two of them, Throwing Roses and Poppy's Purse, will be trained by Ollie Pears in East Yorkshire and the other is going to Derek Shaw in Leicestershire.

As we get into the New Year all three of them are now broken and ridden away, and each of them is about to step up their regime to produce them in time for the flat season.  One of the pre-requisites for purchasing these horses at the yearling sales last year was that they all looked 'sharp' and capable of racing as 2YO's.  Of course each horse develops at their own speed, but all three are currently on target to be racing in the first few months of the new flat season which starts in April.

Throwing Roses is a very active and positive filly and she will be starting her galloping next week, as will Miss Starry Eyed, a Misu Bond filly who has grown tremendously over the last month and is turning into a very nice prospect.  She will go to Derek once she has started her gallops work.

Meanwhile, Poppy's Purse is already at Ollie Pears' yard and is already starting her work on the Malton gallops.  The most forward of our 2YO's, she will be getting to grips with fast work by the time we get into February.

All three 2YO's are at the most critical period of their development - as our trainers and pre-training yard all educate and improve the horses towards the goal of going racing.  They are all growing daily, both in physique and mentally, so its a period of great change for these young horses - and we'll soon get to find out what sort of ability they have!

Plenty to look forward to - and you can be a part of any of these young horses for their 2YO season, starting at only 105, a one-off payment for the entire season.

Even though the 2YO's won't be racing until April at the earliest (when turf races start for them), we provide regular updates to our shareholders, including photos and video.  That way, you can follow their progress in detail, from the very first breeze, right the way up to their opening run on a racetrack.  Then of course we have our Spring yard visits to look forward to, an informative visit to each trainers yard for shareholders only.  Our hosted yard visits are free and an intrinsic part of our syndicate service as you get to know your racehorse on a one to one basis.

All three 2YO's are also available to purchase in 5% shares - see our Private Service section for further details.  The 'Private Service' entitles you to a personal syndicate service which includes guaranteed Owners badges when your horse runs, as well as individual visits to your trainer and, of course, your full share of any prizemoney.
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