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    Gisburn pre-training yard visit a great success.    
    DATE POSTED: 09/03/2012    
    We held our 'Free To All' yard visit to our pre-training yard last Sunday (7th October) and it proved to be very popular and a great success...

Our 'open to all' visit to Gisburn this Sunday attracted 80 people to the Gisburn Park stables in Lancashire, and it was a terrific day, with even the weather playing its part in making it a pleasant and enjoyable few hours.

At the moment we have our two new yearlings there, being brought along by their team, and they will soon be backed and ridden away.  Both the Royal Applause and the Lucky Story fillys will stay at Gisburn until early 2013 before heading off to their respective trainers for the fast work and stalls training to take place, ahead of going racing.

Both fillys were looking great on Sunday - with the sun bouncing off their coats, they sparkled in the late morning.  Blue and cloudless skies were the order of the day, and after seeing both yearlings walk and stand, we then went into the heart of the yard to see Carol give them both a little spin around the indoor school.


What's exciting about these fillys' is that their future is as yet unwritten.  They could virtually be anything - as on paper both of them have excellent pedigrees - perhaps the best we have ever had in yearlings.  We are already reporting regularly on these two, and if you are considering a share in either, I would recommend getting involved sooner rather than later, because we will be visiting them again, and shareholders will get to follow them right through the winter.

It is fascinating to see how the yearlings change over time - and certainly builds the anticipation of their opening runs.  When you start to see your horse as an individual, and not just as a name which turns up at the racecourse, that's when you truly are a racehorse owner - and that's the spirit which I am always trying to instil into Ownaracehorse shareholders.  Needless to say, the yearlings are both very individual, in stature as well as attitude, and we have high hopes for both of them.

Many thanks to all the shareholders who made the effort to visit the yard - it is always great to see so many of you who are obviously as mesmerized by horses as I am!  I always wish I had more time to spend speaking with people at these visits, but hopefully I managed to get around most of you!

Don't forget that you can be a part of our 2YO's for 2013 for a one-off payment starting at 99!  Click on the link below to view the in-depth profile.

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