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    Outright ownership with Ownaracehorse now available     
    DATE POSTED: 09/09/2013    
    At Ownaracehorse we specialise in small share syndicates which are affordable and with guarantees which are unavailable anywhere else - but now we can also offer full, outright ownership of some of our horses...

If you are looking to cement long term ownership of a racehorse, but can't afford to own one outright, then our Outright Ownership Shares may be something you could consider.

Starting at 2.5% shares and going up to 25% shares, we have various options for racehorse owners who can't afford the 25,000 a year it costs to keep a horse in training!

We now have a new section to the Ownaracehorse website, which details the horses in which you may buy outright shares.  There is everything from un-raced, untried horses, all the way through to experienced handicappers.  We have horses based all the way from Wiltshire, up to North Yorkshire, flat horses and jumpers - and from time to time we have outright shares available in these horses.

To kick off this brand new service, we also have a horse which will ONLY be available to outright owners - meaning it will consist of only 5-10 people.  The un-raced Byron Colt will be trained by Derek Shaw and could be racing in November or December 2013.

And of course, all these shares are part of our 'Private Service' which means you benefit from the Ownaracehorse information and management service, as well as enjoying all the normal benefits of full ownership, such as Owners Badges, personal yard visits, your share of any prizemoney won, as well as your share of anything the racehorse is eventually sold for.

The new pages we have added also include the ability to view and download our Ownership Agreement, which details exactly what your commitments and benefits are.

> Take a look at the available horses now! 




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