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    Our handicappers view of Cheltenham - every day of the festival    
    DATE POSTED: 06/03/2011    
    Ownaracehorse will provide a 'free to all' handicappers synopsis of every days racing at Cheltenham Festival this year.

We employ three private handicappers at Ownaracehorse, and its one of our National Hunt specialist who will be providing his own personal views of each days racing during the Cheltenham Festival.

Starting on Tuesday March 15th, Ryan H, will provide his view of the major races of the day, especially highlighting where the value may lie and concluding with a 'Best Bet' and the 'Value Bet' of the day for each of the four days racing.

The analysis will be available every day from a prominent link on our home page and we will be posting the information the proceeding day - and reporting how the analysis fared compared to the results from the previous day.

Check out Ryan's Blog at Ownaracehorse every evening, starting on Monday 14th March.

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