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    Look out for Joss Saville at the Breeders Cup    
    DATE POSTED: 04/11/2011    
    Joss Saville was a mainstay of our training roster for many years and we enjoyed plenty of success with the horses we stabled with him from 2006 through to 2011.  However, he left for the states about a year ago...

From training jumpers and being based in Middleham, Joss is about to break into the big time in America!

Having gone to America in November of last year, he started working for his Brother Niall, who is also a trainer out there.  However, earlier this year Joss managed to land an assistant trainers role with Michael Matz, one of the emerging trainers on the US racing scene.

Having been given the remit to look after a dozen or so horses at Saratoga on behalf of Matz, Joss exceeded all expectations by co-training a number of high profile winners during the summer.  One of these horses, Union Rags, won over half a million dollars for his owners.  Bit of a change from the 1,200 picked up from the average flat race in the UK!

Joss has now been handed the job of taking both Union Rags and Somali Lemonade to the Breeders Cup this weekend.  Somali Lemonade runs on Friday evening, and Union Rags is now the favourite for the Juvenile Turf on Saturday night.

Everyone at Ownaracehorse, including staff and shareholders wish Joss the best of luck for his horses in the biggest race meeting of the year.  It's great to see him becoming so successful so quickly in America, and if anyone deserves the accolades that victory will no doubt bring him, Joss and his long term partner Jo Robinson, have both earned their time at the top.
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