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    Crumble makes progress    
    DATE POSTED: 05/03/2011    
    We bought a three-year-old 'store mare' out of a mare called Castle Lynch about two years ago.  Being a very big, rangey sort, we knew she would need some time - but after eighteen months of waiting she was placed in training last summer.

It proved a bit too early for her - and we decided to give her more time over winter to mature further.

However, this seventeen hand daughter out of an eight-times winning mare is now only a matter of weeks away from making her debut.

She has been building up her fitness, after enduring another huge growing spurt last Autumn, but now she has stopped shooting up, this purely National Hunt bred mare is now looking like a real racehorse.

Look out for her coming onto the website in the next few days.  She will be trained by Philip Kirby in North Yorkshire.   

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