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    Don't miss out - shares in short supply in certain horses    
    DATE POSTED: 04/04/2012    
    We are about to sell out of some of our syndicates for 2012, so don't delay if you are wanting shares in Back To Paris, Rowan Lodge, Stormy Morning, Poppy's Purse or Throwing Roses...

Shares in our summer season horses are selling fast at present, so if you are looking at the site and contemplating whether to 'go for it' or not - we'd suggest you get on with it!

Particularly critical is Back To Paris - who at the the time of writing only has 2 shares left to complete his syndicate.  This dual purpose gelding is set to start racing in about 3-4 weeks time and run right through the summer.
Poppy's Purse and Throwing Roses aren't as close to selling out, but still only have less than 20 shares in both.  We expect that both of these horses will be completely booked up by the time they start their seasons.

Throwing Roses is expected to be out mid-April, closely followed by Poppy's Purse later in the month.

Rowan Lodge though, should disappear from the site before the middle of the month.  This veteran handicapper has proved very popular indeed and we expect he will sell out before he runs his first race of the season
Rowan Lodge - expected to sell out before he runs at Beverley

His first race of the season is in a fortnight's time - at Beverley on April 18th and there are only 25 people being allowed to own shares in his syndicate, so don't leave it too late to get involved - when they are gone, that's it!  We currently only have 14 shares left in this good looking chesnut gelding, and we're selling on average 2-3 shares a day at present.

Finally, don't forget our winning gelding Stormy Morning.  He's got less than 30 shares available and once he gets back to the track in about four weeks time we expect a bit of a rush for him, as he will start his dual purpose summer jumping and flat season - he absolutely loves the firmer ground and we expect he will become a popular share very soon!

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Grab one of the last shares in Rowan Lodge before he runs on April 18th
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