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    Yard Visit dates for Spring will be announced very soon    
    DATE POSTED: 03/03/2011    
    Its coming up to the time where Shareholders in the Ownaracehorse racehorses get their opportunity to visit their trainer for a morning in Spring.

Our yard visits are hugely popular - as it gives the chance for shareholders to get up close to their racehorses, see them in their home environment and get a feel for how they are trained.

Of course it also means that they can get to meet the trainer and his staff.  Because we keep our syndicates to a manageable number, shareholders not only get to find out about their own particular racehorse, but trainers have time to have conversations with shareholders regarding many of the other horses in their yards, and their plans for the season.

We expect to announce the dates of our Spring visits to Ollie Pears, James Evans, Philip Kirby and George Foster in the next 4-7 days.

As well as the shareholders in the racehorse, we also allow a few friends and family to accompany each shareholder.  Free tea and coffee plus biscuits and something for the children is provided free of charge - and we guarantee this is NOT a long selling pitch - its for shareholders to learn about their horses and trainers and have an enjoyable Sunday morning doing something a little different.

A morning at a trainers stable is always interesting and informative, and our Spring visits in the past have been quite memorable, as you can gain an insight into the trainers hopes and aspirations for the coming season. If you are a current shareholder, all you need to do is register for the visit through your Racehorse Manager, which takes no more than a couple of clicks.

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