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    The Telegraph features the Ownaracehorse Gift Packs in their 2012 Christmas Gift Guide    
    DATE POSTED: 09/12/2012    
    The national institution which is 'The Telegraph' has featured Ownaracehorse in their annual Christmas Gift Guide...

Hot on the heels of the Observer on Sunday recommending our Gift Packs, this weekend we have found out that The Telegraph have done the same - featuring our small-share service to their readership.

This time we are both online and within the paper itself.

Their Christmas feature has gift ideas for all sorts of interests, people and price levels - but every product or service has been chosen by the Telegraph themselves - there are no 'paid-for' advertisements.  This means you only get into the guide on merit, rather than how deep your advertising pockets may be!  


The Telegraph (online version), Sunday 8th December 2012

The feature gives a description of our Gift Packs - explaining how our packs may only be small shares, but how they provide days at the races and visits to the trainers yard during the season.

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