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    Woman Magazine places Ownaracehorse in top 25 gifts    
    Woman And Home magazine rated owning a Racehorse through Ownaracehorse in its top 21 special gifts for 2006 - from a list which was suggestions for novel and exciting gifts.


Ownaracehorse was featured in the November 2006 addition of 'Woman and Home' within one of their features regarding innovative and exciting special presents.

The woman's monthly glossy ran a feature entitled "21 Ways to Celebrate...ultra-stylishly!" and coming in at number 20 on the list was a share in a racehorse from Ownaracehorse!

The feature aimed to provide ideas for landmark birthdays or an anniversary and off the wall solutions to the present problem.

Amongst the other ideas were adopting a truffle tree, naming a rose after someone and commissioning a portrait. However, for the more adventurous there was renting an island or hiring a chef for the evening!




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