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    The Week deems us worthy of highlight    

The weekly round up of what's in the papers chose Ownaracehorse as worthy of inclusion in its own 'gift guide'.

Following Ownaracehorse's being featured in the December 2008 Independent guide to gifts for men, 'The Week' thought we ran such a novel service they chose our product as the one to feature from the 50 available!

The Week is a weekly publication which provides a precis of the news, features and comment available in all the major newspapers for that seven day period. They chose to pick out Ownaracehorse from the independents feature on the 'top 50 gifts for men'.

So this really gives us a status of being chosen as 'the best of the best' in terms of gifts!

They also featured various other gifts which took their fancy: a three day course at the David Beckham school of soccer, a monthly cheese delivery, a quarterly delivery of fancy knickers and a one day make-up lesson!



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