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    The Independent top 50 gifts - Ownaracehorse is number 10!    
    The Independent featured Ownaracehorse at number 10 in their countdown of their 50 favourite 'gifts for him' in 2006


Ownaracehorse has been featured in The Independent's Saturday magazine entitled 'The Information'. The national daily newspaper ran a feature in their Saturday magazine on November 25th 2006, detailing their view of the top 50 'Gifts for him'.

Ownaracehorse came in at number 10 on the listing, behind such ideas as a retro football (Number 1), but ahead of a Robotic Mower (27) and an M&S Bowling bag (in at 15)!

However, we were more than happy with breaking into the top 10, as we were the only experience led company to be so high on the list. And you can hardly complain about coverage which was such a great advertisement for us!

The actual listing read:




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