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    The Ownaracehorse Cheltenham Festival SP Competition for 2016    

First Prize -  1.0% share in 'Dyna Might' - worth over £530!
A full 1.0% share in our 2YO with trainer Ollie Pears for the 2016 flat season, until November 2016.  She's by first season sire Foxwedge, who is already getting plenty of winners in Australia from his first early 2YO's.

TWO Runners Up Prizes - 0.5% (2 shares) in 'Dyna Might'  - worth 258 each
Smaller shares in this nice filly for the 2016 season if you get close to the right SP, but not quite close enough!

- View Dyna Might's profile and shares

How to Enter

Predict the total SP (Starting Price) value of the combined races at Cheltenham 2016.

Cheltenham runs from Tuesday 15th March through to Friday 18th March - a total of 4 days racing with 28 races (excluding charity races).  Add up all the winners SP's for those 28 races, and that's the total we're after! 

For example, a 10/1 winner gives a total of 10.0, a 9/4 winner gives a total of 2.25 - add them all up for the final winning total - just as if you had a winning 1 bet on every winner (without your stake!)  The closest guess (above or below) to the final SP total (known on Friday 18th March 2016 after racing) will win the First Prize.

Once you have entered, we will keep you up to date with how your prediction is faring, and on the last day, we'll tell you what total SP you need to get the prediction spot on!

Past Total SP Results for Cheltenham

To give you an indication of past SP totals - here's the results for the last six years at the festival:

2015 - 261.0
- 310.9
- 325.0
- 283.1
- 276.7
2010 - 356.2
- 256.8

So will 2016 be a year where all the favourites win?  Or will it be like 2010 when there were plenty of long-priced upsets?  You decide!

Once you have decided on your guess, simply complete your entry details below.  The very best of luck!

Sorry... entries are now closed!

This competition started at 1-30pm on Tuesday 15th March 2016.

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1. Promoter: Ownaracehorse Ltd.
2. The winning guess calculation and winning decision is made by Ownaracehorse Ltd.
3. In the event of a tie, a tie breaker question will be sent by email.
4. First Prize is a 1% share in the racehorse Dyna Might for the 2016 turf season (running until November 1st 2016) and is subject to the winner agreeing with the Standard Ownaracehorse terms and conditions.  Second and Third prizewinners will win a 0.5% share in the same racehorse.
5. Result will be notified to all participants via email.
6. The promoters decision is final.
7. One entry per email address. Multiple entries will be removed from the competition - only your last entry will be counted. Entries deemed to be from the same individual or spammed from personal domains will be removed from the competition. The promoters decision is final in this regard. Your email address will be added to our newsletter database and not passed to any other organisation.
8. We can only advise the winner at the email address supplied. We take no responsibility for incorrectly entered email addresses or mis-typed guesses.
9. SP's counted will be official result only.  Dead-heats count half each horse's SP. If one or more days of the Cheltenham meeting are lost due to weather or other reasons, the guess totals will be reduced by the number of days lost in order to be fair to all participants - eg. 1 day lost 25% reduction, 2 days lost 50% reduction etc.
10. Entry to the competition closes at the start of the Cheltenham Festival meeting
11. All guesses are rounded to one decimal place.

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